Bitten, not smitten

I received a call late at night a week ago from the emergency room. Alicia, our ‘Ace’ photographer, had just walked in the door of her friend’s house when his nervous pit bull bit her … in the face! Horror of horrors. Thankfully the bite wasn’t too deep and is healing well. While at work this week she received a little gift from some really thoughtful family members.

 Isn’t a smiley face just the ticket sometimes?

The florist delivery guy made the trek all the way to the farm. What a commitment to delivering smiles. 🙂

  1. Jonni Lynch says:

    I’m sorry about her bite…Mary Jane, I love your magazine and am a devoted member of the forum, long term, but please, please, please don’t write, “pit bull”. Just say “nervous dog”–as inocuous as this post is, it just perpetrates the terrible stigma attached to this breed. In my whole life, the only dogs I’ve been bitten by was a “nervous” schnauzer and my auntie’s mean chihauhau…my Pit Bull runs from thunder claps!

  2. micki says:

    That jumped out at me too….as I’m reading it a week later :/

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