1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    This reminds me of the circe game, Button Button who’s got the Button?

  2. “Button button , who’s got the button?” Remember that sweet childhood game? I’ve always loved buttons but not like my friend Stella who is a collector and dealer of rare buttons. Going through her collections is amazing and glorious. Buttons “made” a woman’s outfit ( and men’s too in earlier times) and they proclaimed the wealth and taste of the wearer. The sheer quantity made from all materials throughout history is mind boggling. But my favorites in Stella’s collection are those hand painted china ones or the blown glass ones- little works of art. Ofcourse all I have are old pearl buttons but I love them just the same. Put fancy buttons on your clothes and enjoy a lovely small luxury.

  3. Deborah McKissic says:

    Such pretty buttons! I have an old blue glass mason jar, a large one, filled with old buttons, from my mom’s collection, my grandmothers..and, I use them in crafts. My little granddaughter, Miss Lyra, loves to spill them out and play with them, string them…take a few home..she carries a little purse that important things go in..and my buttons have found their way into it! When I was young, my mom kept her buttons, and still does, in an old “Luizianne” coffee tin…when I was young, maybe 5, I took a bright, red crayon and wrote on this can “bottoms of all kinds”..yes, I spelled buttons wrong..and it still bears those words and my mom and I still laugh at it when we reach for a “bottom” for a craft, ha, ha..

  4. Caroline Gasper says:

    Like your button display, I have been making button wreaths for Valentine’s day, posted them on Facebook and sent the picture to my sister, and you guessed it I spelled buttons, bottoms we had a good laugh. And I am old enough to know better. Just thought I would share.

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