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My featured Merit Badge Awardee of the Week is … Linda Cole!!!

Linda Cole (#4879) has received a certificate of achievement in Cleaning Up for earning a Beginner & Intermediate Level Recycling Merit Badge!


“I contacted all of the recycling centers in our phone book. Learned that only one receives anything but different type of metals. This center will take different types of metals, electronics, glass, plastic, and cardboard. The center will separate the items for you, therefore saving you work.

Made me look closer at things around me. The center is too far from home to use unless I have a large load, but I am glad to know it is there just in case I am able to use it.

Since we have only regular garbage pickup, I contacted our local recycling centers. I found only one that will recycle things other than metal. An area business will buy car batteries. Many items can be recycled in the home. For example, milk jugs can be used to water plants in the garden during dry weather. Plastic bags can be made into holiday wreaths, and food scraps that don’t contain grease can be put into the compost pile or given to the worm bed.

To begin with, I think it would be too overwhelming to try to recycle everything, so I will only recycle three: pop cans, paper, and milk jugs. I have set up a trash can outside for cans and tow containers inside for paper and jugs.

Turning out very well. The pop cans will be sold when I get a trashcan full. At the end of the week, I only had two milk jugs and one of them was collected from outside, where it had been used for something else. All other milk jugs were being used for other things. My biggest problem is paper from junk mail. The paper and jugs are in containers to go to a recycling center in another county as I go to visit a friend in that county.”

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I commend you Linda for working out a plan to recycle where you live. I understand many communities still do not offer convenient recycling locations and it makes it very hard to do your part in being a good earth steward. Every plan you can come up with will be helpful and perhaps you can start the conversation with your county elected officials to make recycling spots more available to everyone. All county meetings are open to the public and have citizens comment time as part of the agenda. Good luck and kudos for all that you have accomplished so far!

  2. Boy, I guess I can count myself lucky , even the rural area where I live in Lancaster county PA, has full recycling. I have a bin and put in everything, cans, bottles, plastic, the works,( but no styrofoam).
    And if you want pin money you can sell your aluminum cans for cash at the big recycling center nearby.

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