1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    My Mom had beautiful purple iris outside out kitchen door just like this every year. They are so beautiful!

  2. Iris, I like to think if them as the “orchids of the north” -they are that beautiful. They are my absolutely favorite flower. My mother planted a zillion of them at our little house in MD but immediately found out she was allergic to them and spent the rest of the time we lived there digging them up. Around here they call them ” flags”. And the purple ones are called ” Blue Flags”. They are planted at the corners of every barn here in Lancaster County PA, I swear. I have some heirloom ones I was given , small yellow and bronze blossoms. But I am still more partial to the purple ones, their scent is heavenly.

    • Winnie Nielsen says:

      Lisa, I am with you. The purple ones are the best. My Mom also had some yellow and white iris mixed in with the purple, but there is something about that purple color that you just can’t beat! We visited Lancaster, Pa once with our girls and my parents for a fun visit to see the Amish. That area of PA is quite beautiful with all of the rolling hills, beautiful farms, and big barns. For some reason I thought you lived in Michigan? PA is much closer and maybe one day we could meet when I visit my family in Virginia.

      • Yes Winnie, you are welcome to visit me here in southern Lancaster County, and I can take you around to see the ” old order ” country around here. The Old Order ( horse and buggy ) Mennonites right near me are even more conservative than the Amish and their farms are also a joy to see. Yes, it is lovely here but like everywhere ,the scourge of our age, development is encroaching on this, the best farmland in the country.

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