1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I love this view!

  2. connie-Killarney says:

    Iris always make me think of my Dear Granny. She love to Garden and since that is Our Tennessee State Flower we had them by the 1000’s! She would share them with family and neighbors. I have some of hers that are as old as me! When she moved from Arkansas in 1957 she dug some of them up and took them to her new home in Memphis, then she moved them with her in 1972 to Friendship, Tn. where to this day they are blooming all over the 5 acres there. My Uncle Jimmy lives there now, since my Granny went to Heaven in 2005 and he says when they bloom it is like mom is saying hello! When I married in 1973 I dug some of them and brought them to my house and then in 1986 I brought them with me here to the woods! Every year when they bloom, I think of my granny in her housedress and apron and her little shovel working in the Iris beds! Thanks for your beautiful picture today that brought back a flood of Happy memories for me!

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