1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Are these baby apples? You know how I am completely obsessed about all things apple come August! If I could own an orchard, it would be heirloom apples. Apples hanging from trees ready for harvest are a beautiful site . And there are so many ways to eat them. Then again, maybe these are something else and I am just seeing what I want to see?

    • MaryJane says:

      When I grow up, can I be a big apple?

      • Winnie Nielsen says:

        I like to believe in the legendary John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed, who was responsible for spreading apple seeds from his home state of Pennslyvania( I think that is correct) all the way to the Ohio Valley area. According to my Bees in America book, the early settlers brought apples with them to plant orchards in the New World. It was not uncommon in New England, for every homestead to have a few apple trees on the property for food. The family bees would pollinate and cross pollinate and apples were preserved in all sorts of ways.

        Of course , the saying an Apple a Day keeps the doctor away is all the more reason to have apple trees for a constant source of wellness each day.

        When I grow up, I want to be one of those apples that is crisp, juicy, and variegated in reds and pink colors for a skin. What about you?

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