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Good News Network reports that an orphaned baby elephant has now become the matriarch of a herd of water buffalo in a 10,000-acre Zimbabwe game reserve. The elephant was adopted into the herd after her mother was killed by poachers decades ago. For some reason, she chose to stay with the water buffalos instead of the elephant herd on the property, and she’s now become their protector and beloved buddy.


photo, Good News Network

Visit Good News Network for a daily dose of positive, uplifting news. A few of their headlines lately that caught my eye:

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    What a perfect story of appreciation and commitment. Elephants have some of the most high level relationships in the animal kingdom and this story just shows this trait. Those are some lucky water buffalo because of her size and fierceness when the chips are down.

    Thank-you for the link to such a informative and interesting site!

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