Calling All California Farmgirls …

Zan Media is looking for female farmers, female ranchers, and contributors for a new documentary film, Golden Girls: Cultivating an Amazing Life.


In the U.S., there are currently more than 300,000 female farmers. The film will unfold through the narratives of some of these women. “Their stories will convey the universal themes of the contemporary farmer/rancher. It is through their eyes that we frame the message: It is a rewarding life, a life worth celebrating in complete harmony with all living things,” say producers.

Watch the trailer:

The goal of the movie is to showcase the special relationship women share with the land and its bounty as they forge a prominent role in the locally grown food movement. The film is hosted by author, environmental activist, and vegetarian cattle rancher (see more about that here) Nicolette Hahn Niman (author of Righteous Porkchop and Defending Beef).

Says Producer Christine Scioli, “By contributing to the production of the film and sharing individual stories of a diverse group of women, we can further understand and embrace the most basic and human female instinct: to nourish, with respect and appreciation.”

Ultimately, producers plan a similar film highlighting each state in the country.

Are you a California farmgirl with something to say? Find out more and learn how you can participate at their Kickstarter site.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Since women “took over the reins” on America’s farms during WWI and WWII in the Women’s Land Army, they have made contributions to the field of agriculture. With declining numbers of small family farms and larger corporate enterprises filling the silos of America, women are now bringing their skills and ingenuity back to solve some tough issues in today’s food sources. Universities have opened the doors to young men and women and provided them with real time education on farming and animal husbandry. Women have taken this education and paired it with friends and family to obtain land to start their own businesses. The result has been contributions for a healthier and more humane food source for their families and communities. Women successfully fed a nation and her allies during two horrific world wars. It is time we gave them some limelight and embraced their efforts!

  2. Amazing info here. As always MJ, thanks for bringing this to our attention. The future of farming I truly believe is contingent on Woman Farmers who are doing it for all the right reasons. And not the almighty Buck ! Reading the back story on the Niman ranch is a whole ode to the right and wrong way to do things. Looks like it’s all sorting itself out finally. And remember the whole farm to table way of thinking always seems to lead back visionary Alice Waters.

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