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My featured Merit Badge Awardee of the Week is … Emily Race!!!

Emily Race (#3591) has received a certificate of achievement in Outpost for earning an Intermediate & Expert Level Woman-at-Arms Merit Badge!


“I am applying for both the intermediate and expert badge. I have been a hunter for around 9 years. I drew a permit to hunt moose this year and began practicing with my 270 at the rifle range. I learned to be comfortable shooting accurately. I practiced at 100 and 200 yards. I also learned about different grains of bullets that could be used and cleaned my gun.

I then went hunting with my husband and found a beautiful moose.

I became very confident using and taking care of my 270. I was ready when I found the moose to make good, safe hunting choices. We now have 325 pounds of meat we processed in our freezer to feed our family for the year.”

  1. Wow, yesterday we were talking about keeping moose as pets, today shooting them? Very bad timing for putting up this post ! It should have been shelved for a later date. I’m not against hunting especially for food but this was a sad juxapostion of subjects.

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