1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Vintage combine in my favorite color?

    • MaryJane says:

      Yes (seasoned eye), and yesterday’s “ornament” rests at the foot of one of our outside beds. How are you this fine Florida morning Winnie?

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I am fine MaryJane! I just got off the phone with my Idaho friend, Kellie, who just got engaged over the weekend!! It is a very happy day!!

    • MaryJane says:

      Ah, how sweet. Who is the lucky partner? Tell her congrats for me.

      • Winnie Nielsen says:

        His name is Christopher and he is one of a group of friends she grew up with. It looks like she is marrying May 2, so I will be going to Idaho for that and doing some sightseeing for a few days before I arrive at Wild Iris Lane. I am so happy for her and all I can say is he is one lucky guy. Alas, the Wall Tent has been packed up and she is living with her brother in Sandpoint, mastering Karate in Christopher’s Karate business, and sewing away with orders from her Etsy shop. How fast life changes for these 20 year olds in the 3 years I have known her!

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