1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous winter view. The seasons of your rolling hills are so full of beauty and color surprises!

    MaryJane, I loved your new magazine for Feb-Mar. highlighting the 15th year anniversary. When it came in the mail, i just had to sit down and read it twice from cover to cover. The staff pages were wonderful because I know a few of those people but not how they have been a big part of your work. It was interesting to learn about each person and some of their contributions. Some of your tributes were ones that have happened since I joined, but as always, I am intrigued with the earlier years and what all went into making MaryJanesFarm the vision that has captured my heart and continually inspires me to figure out what means success for me. And to answer your question, “Will I continue this? Only if you want me to.”, I can only say, I cannot imagine my life without MJF! I hope it will be a legacy that StellaJane and Mia will continue for upcoming generations. I believe there will always be an audience of women seeking a different and simpler path in their lives. The wild west was in part successful because of rugged, creative, stubborn, hard working and determined women. That prairie spirit, I believe, still inspires women to live off the land, make a new start, live out their dreams, and march to the beat of a different drummer. For that we need community and sharing and a means of keeping some of the old, but dependable, ways and recipes alive and working in our lives( like real american clothespins!). MJF gives us that community, that inspiration, that encouragement, and that template for launching out to new pathways. Your $5000 investment has changed the lives of thousands of women and young girls one apron, one badge, one garden, one fresh egg, and one new farm at a time. Although Saying thank-you is indeed important , it doesn’t seem like enough. Taking responsibility to keep your vision alive by reaching out to others and continuing the conversations about an organic, sustainable, and simpler life seems to be what is needed as repayment. This 15th Anniversary Issue is indeed a wonderful way to start a New Year 2015! Whoop!!

    • MaryJane says:

      Ahhh, Winnie, you’re the best. Thanks for saying it so well. Where would we be without you? We can’t wait until May 6. Yes, I have my eyes on my grandgirls. Soon, they’ll be old enough for me to begin regular Young Cultivators classes with them. I’m pretty sure they’re picking up on the business end of things (just like my kids did) because last week I had them here for a 3-day stayover and listened in when Stella was playing pretend “business” with Mia. She had a ton of gear out on a table and was VERY busy stapling, stamping, etc. At one point I heard Mia say, “Stella! How come I always get the cranky customers?!” That still has me laughing.

      • Winnie Nielsen says:

        Hahahaha, Mia! Having been the youngest child and sister in the family, I know too well Mia’s plight. Somehow we littlest ones get stuck with what the older ones don’t want. Tell Mia, that it builds character and grit and she will be triumphant in the end!! Just ask my older brother. Little Sis had her ways of always evening out the playing field, much to his surprise!

        And yes, soon it will be time to make my plane reservations. This last trip earned us a feebie on Delta! I am already excited and my friend gave me some farmer jeans for Christmas to wear for barn and farm viewing. It is going to be an Epic Trip!

  2. Nancy Coughlin says:

    Your photograph brings some wonderful memories of time spent in Idaho. Perfect time of the year to reminisce.

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