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Winnie Nielsen, Farmgirl Sister of the Year and a Florida resident, sent me an e-mail and photos this week that I thought you’d enjoy seeing. Isn’t it wonderful to think that farmgirls-at-heart can see such different views right out their kitchen doors? What might you spot in your “backyard”?

“You always post such wonderful photos of your neck of the woods that I thought you might enjoy some of Warren’s photos taken a few days ago. Here are some of our local residents at Alachua Sink, a nature preserve that flows into Paynes Prairie on the south side of town heading out of the city. How ‘bout dem gators?!”







  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    It is the cooler days of the year we have right now in Florida that I most appreciate it’s gifts. There is plenty of food for critters of every description, bright blue skies, and many days of sunshine just perfect for gathering up those rays to warm your bones. Definitely, DON’T feed marshmallows to the Gators as some are want to do!!

  2. Cindi Johnson says:

    Oh my gosh those are amazing pictures from Winnie. There is obviously something much deeper that defines a farmgirl than cows and chickens ~ though you won’t find me raising gators any time soon, yikes! I love the shot of the bug on a dangerous path there; a bird version of pizza delivery. Thanks to Winnie for sending a piece of her world for us to see.

  3. How awesome those photos are, such beautiful detail and action.
    Nice pictures Winnie.

  4. Thanks MaryJane for sharing Winnie’s husband’s photos. Wow, what wonderful wildlife. I live a few miles away from a large Wildlife sanctuary. We have in Feb through Late March the migrating snow geese and tundra swans from the arctic circle. We get as many as half a million of the geese on the lake there in good years. But numbers are declining. It is the highlight of each winter for me and many others around here. We have lots of waterbirds but no pelicans. And no gaters !

  5. CJ Armstrong says:

    Certainly are not creatures I’d see in my backyard! The only long-legged water fowl we have are blue heron. All other waterbirds are either Canada geese or a wide variety of ducks. Gators? Nope . . and no, thank you!
    Thanks for the share Winnie!

  6. Karlyne says:

    Great pictures, Winnie!

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