1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I love this little cabin next to the great pond. I bet it is beautiful when the green of Summer is in full bloom.

    Currently, I am looking out my hotel window at the Atlantic Ocean surf pounding the snow covered beach at Virginia Beach. I have never been to the beach when it was covered in snow and ice and it is beautiful. It is about 10 degrees outside— unseasonably cold for Virginia in late February, and windy. How those little seagulls keep going is a testimonial to incredible genetic engineering and evolution. Who sits on the water and zip along the water edge in this weather? Amazing!!

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Good morning MaryJane from freezing and snow/ ice covered Virginia Beach. What a site to see the Atlantic Ocean surf pounding snow covered beaches. I have never seen that in Virginia ever!! The seagulls don’t seem to mind at all and are busy riding the waves and fishing. Just another day in paradise!! But this farmgirl is cold and that wind is biting . Plus the world is covered in a hard layer of ice on top of snow so getting about is a bit tricky. Thank heaven for my knitted cowl, hat , and gloves!!

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