Have You Mailed Anything Lately?

Have you been over to our Farmgirl Connection chatroom lately? It’s chock full of farmgirls sharing their expertise in all things farmgirl. Many of us spend a considerable amount of time every day chatting via our computers, so we’ve decided it’s good to put our electronics aside now and then. How? We’re mailing mail art. Real art mailed through the post office. Real art that shows up in our actual mailboxes.

This is just a sampling of the awesome art our Mail Art Coordinator (and mail artist extraordinaire), Kristi, has been receiving.







But don’t feel daunted by what’s been done—anything that gets your hands moving and your creative juices flowing is welcome, and we’d love to have you join us!

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    You are so right, Meg. There are some very talented Farmgirls making cards and sharing them right on our Chatroom. I have been gifted some of the cutest and prettiest cards ever in Farmgirl Mail! It is such a gift these days to be the recipient of a card carefully crafted with a sweet message inside. Each card and surprise is like a little gem waiting in my mailbox. Farmgirl Mail ROCKS!!

  2. Cindi says:

    Those are amazing!! You would have to be a very sour person to not have something like that brighten up your day. I love getting mail ~ even just a simple little note. Last spring an old friend sent me a very short letter; I hadn’t heard from her in years. It wasn’t hard to notice how incredibly wonderful it made me feel when I opened up the mailbox and saw a real letter!!! (I may have even shouted “A real letter!”) And it wasn’t even Christmas! It didn’t matter that it was just a short note, or that it didn’t contain a lot of news to catch me up on her life, it just made my heart sore to have received it and it made the rest of the day wonderful. I immediately made up my mind that my new mission in life was to spread that feeling and get busy writing to friends. Wouldn’t it be nice if everybody did that? We could possibly save the Postal Service, too!

  3. Sheena says:

    Hi I want to be involved with this mail art project! May I have an address that I can mail the art to? And if you know someone that I could just surprise with a gift that would help to lift the sprites please let me know! Peace love and apple sauce! ~ Sheena

  4. bonnie ellis says:

    It is really fun to see the variety of art done by farmgirls. We can be creative with anything.

  5. Alise says:

    This is so cool! Tangible, loving, nurturing, creative. What gifts we can give each other!

    • Sheena says:

      I am still in need of an address to send someone some mail. Please n’ Thank you! ~ Sheena

      • Alise says:

        Peace, Sheena, I read in the rules that we “sign up” for a partner between the 1st and 15th of any given month, then we get an e-mail with our partner’s name/address, then we mail our art before the end of the month. So you and I need to wait until April’s swap is posted in the forum. You can find all the guidelines under the first link Megan gave you when you first posted here. This is going to be fun, isn’t it?

  6. I LOVE the tin shadow box! I always save tins, with the hope of doing something with them :).

    The mail swaps are so much fun. I did them for a while, but then busy-ness got me. It may be time to go back, thank you for sharing!

    Farmchick #2245

  7. CJ Armstrong says:

    Love Mail Art! It was fun being the coordinator for a couple years. Unfortunately, I cannot participate right now, but appreciate seeing what the girls are up to!

  8. Lydia says:

    How Creative!! Love these ideas.
    Inspires me to give it a try..
    Thank you for sharing

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