1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    How I love purple iris. And now, I have my FSOTY badge with the purple iris to celebrate always!!

  2. Cindi says:

    From a distance, iris is not my favorite flower. They look weak and … flip-floppy(?) or.. something. (Too early for adjectives.) Maybe I have not ever seen truly healthy, well-cared for plants at the beginning of their bloom. Up close, now that’s another story. They are masterpieces with those beautifully intricate veins starting out tiny from the center and then opening up to pour their deep color into the petals. They look like velvet and I want to touch them to see if they feel like velvet, too. Maybe I will try a plant or two. Sometimes I do change my mind about things. {if you knew me, you would be laughing very hard at that statement :)}

  3. Bonnie ellis says:

    Absolutely stunning! Your irises are gorgeous en masse. Ours are just starting to come. They won’t be as beautiful as yours.

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