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My featured Merit Badge Awardee of the Week is … Joan Hendrix!!!

Joan Hendrix (#6465) has received a certificate of achievement in Garden Gate for earning a Beginner Level Backyard Farmer Merit Badge!

“My husband and I built a chicken coop this past spring. We attended city council meetings to change the ordinance so we would not violate the “one chicken rule.” In June, I became “mom” to 4-month-old chicks. I’ve read four books and planted herbs with the idea of fortifying the chickens’ diet with them. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides anywhere, although I have not been able to buy organic grower feed locally. I have spotted organic layer feed, so will be moving to that.

Well, the jury is still out on how this has worked since they haven’t started laying yet, but so far none of them are crowing!

The day the guy delivered them, he called me to say one of his died. One of mine died later that day. Cocci! He didn’t realize any were sick. The next day, he brought me medicine to put in their water. Another one died and one more was sick. I spent all day with that one (Pansy), making sure she drank a lot of the medicated water, plus some of my homemade yogurt, minced oregano, garlic powder, and a few of the grower crumbles. That evening, she seemed stable, so I let her sleep with her one remaining sister in the coop. She survived and is my sweetest lap chicken! All has been good since!”

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Joan, I love your chicken story all about Pansy and how she is sweet and friendly! Hopefully, you will start seeing eggs soon with your flock.

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