1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    HI MaryJane, I am back from wandering along pathways from Amsterdam to Prague. It was fascinating to walk along fortresses from the 9th century and wander through the 11th Century home of the local cobbler in Rothenberg, Germany. Many things so different but also the same as today. People working, cooking, sleeping, raising children all in various states of convenience according to their economic level colored every stop we made and every path we took. I was so happy, however, to look out of the window of the plane and see US land. Home Sweet Home!! There is no place so wonderful as home.

    • MaryJane says:

      It’s good to hear from you and know you’re home in one piece. What a journey. Take lots of naps in the next few days to catch up on home. How did Mr. Mister fare while you were faring?

      • Winnie Nielsen says:

        Are you referring to my Mr. Bump? Well, we had a paid person come twice a day and a friend volunteered to come evenings to sit outside with him. I got several reassuring photos and videos that Bump was doing OK with the new staff arrangement. However, he has not let us out of his sight much since we got home and requesting lots of attention and pets to make sure we are sticking around. He is just the cutest kitty!!

        Meanwhile, Warren was busy taking pictures galore! He is now going through all of them and keeping the good ones. He takes such good shots!

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