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My featured Merit Badge Awardee of the Week is … RubySlider!!!

Ruby Slider (#1663) has received a certificate of achievement in Make it Easy for earning a Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert Level Collect It! Merit Badge!

dishes“My passion is antiques and one of my favorites is my Chambers stove. The one I have was made sometime between 1949 and 1952 in Shelbyville, Indiana. People are passionate about these jewels, so information on them is easy to find. Mine was my mother’s before she came to me and she is a Deluxe Model C Style 90 in pastel yellow. It has 3 burners, a deep well for soups, stews or baking, a griddle and broiler. The oven(s) are so heat-efficient that I can turn them off 1/4 to 1/2 thru cooking and everything comes out perfect.

I inherited a partial set of Franciscan dinnerware in the desert rose pattern. I have since added the serving pieces as I can locate them. I haven’t been able to locate any pieces locally, I purchased some pieces online and I’m always on the lookout for additional unique pieces. All of my collection was made in the USA. I keep finding pieces that are from Portugal.

As far as value, the prices I find are all over the place. For instance, I found a gravy boat in excellent condition for $9 and have seen the same piece for as much as $40. I have a total of 62 pieces. My wish list contains pickle dish, a three-tier platter, egg cups, and the crescent salad plates.

I’m not in any hurry to grow my collection. The happy surprises of finding a piece when you least expect it are the best!

I keep my antique Franciscan collection safely tucked away in a china cabinet, I also store my collection of cordial glasses in there (that I have been collecting since I was in my 20s). I have two small built-in display cabinets that house small vintage crocks, a glass hand-crank butter churn, and various kitchen implements. All are estate sale and flea-market finds. My favorites are the butter churn and a 1954 Art Deco Toaster that sits on the kitchen counter and works perfectly.

My collections are safe from dust and accidental damage, but also on display. As they should be; why have them if you can’t admire and use them?”




  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Ruby, I am fascinated with your old stove. I wish you could post more photos so I could see all the cool details. What a gem you own and I love how it was passed down from your mom. What a total treasure! All of your antique finds are lovely and I hope you continue to find those unique china pieces to enjoy using with family dinners. Congratulations and good luck with your quest for great finds for your home!

  2. hi Ruby, you would die and go to heaven if you lived in the town near where I live, Adamstown PA , the antiques capital of the USA ! we have so many weekend outdoor flea markets and also year round antiques co-ops, with everything you could ever want or collect. keep searching -the biggest thrill is in the hunt!

  3. Amy Cloud Chambers says:

    Ruby, your collection is so interesting! The desert rose pattern is really pretty. Now I’ll be keeping an eye out for pieces for you. Who knows, I just may see something! Your stove is beautiful, you are a great collector!

  4. Holly says:

    I have a lovely collection of dessert rose from my grandmother. Too much to display! If looking for anything particular, I would be happy to see if I have a treasure you would enjoy.

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