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My featured Merit Badge Awardee of the Week is … Donna Rowe!!!

Donna Rowe (Mrs Noah, #6295) has received a certificate of achievement in Make it Easy for earning a Beginner and Intermediate Level Make it Pretty Merit Badge!

“My favorite thing to do is to make things of practicality for others. My pastor’s wife wished for study bags for each attendee in one of our classes, so I made 24, each unique. I ended up with some leftovers and was happy to put them in my Operation Christmas Child collection!

The ladies (girls!) had a difficult time just choosing one, which made me all the happier that they approved my combinations. Kind of a “Whew!” They still don’t know who made them, as I asked to keep it that way.”


  1. Catherine says:

    Donna Rowe: Your secret is out now and it’s a beautiful secret to share!!!!!!! Bless you..

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Such darling and colorful totes, Donna! You did a great job making so many fun color combinations too. I know everyone was singing your praises for this contribution!

  3. Beth Vincent says:

    My grandmother ‘s old wooden ironing board made a great display piece in my sun porch for plants and bird houses! I also added an old stove for displaying my antique knickknacks.

  4. Judy Bailey says:

    Oh my ! What dedication! I want one too. Thanks for the job well done.

  5. Bonnie Parker-Duke says:

    Lovely! Would love to have one!

  6. Constance Besotes says:

    I’ve been getting Mary Jane’s magazine for years, I love everything about it!!!! I had my own little Patch of Heaven and things I did there where because Mary Jane Butters found her way to me. I built a chicken coop, how awesome is that TOTally……


  7. Lindy Davenport says:

    Love them!

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