1. Nielsen,Winifred T. says:

    That sled brings back memories of snow days spent sledding down our neighbor, the Tills, backyard slope. The entire neighborhood group of kids of all ages gathered on school snow days, Saturdays, and Sunday afternoons for hours of great fun. The hitch about the slope was that there was a good size creek at the bottom so you had to be able to steer the sled not to end up in the drink! My neighborhood friend and next door neighbor, Bobby Anderson, and I always sledded together. Usually, I would either sit behind him or lay down on top of him because he was able to steer the sled better than me!! LOL!! We were best of friends all of our childhood.

  2. Lisa Bell says:

    I have my brothers and my sleds,
    I’m going to be 51 on the 22nd.
    And yes I still go sled riding using
    our sleds. My son used them too.
    They’ve held up to some rough sled
    riding lol and lots of laughter.

  3. Elisabeth Perkins says:

    Looks like fun!!

  4. Lisa Von Saunder says:

    oh yeah the flexible flyer, what memories! We would go sledding at my best friend’s Grandmother’s place it was a double hill we called ” camel’s hump” If you built up enough speed you could do both hills in one run. Hot ovaltine and grilled cheese sandwiches afterwards .

  5. Mary Homolka says:

    Love the simple way of life and fun that we don’t always get in our busy life.

  6. Roma Horton says:

    We love pecan pie! I put pecans in almost everything for that added delishisness!

  7. Beth Watson says:

    This brings back many memories!

  8. Karen Helbig says:

    We used to use a slide with that on our own little hill! Then the silver round metal coasters! Fun with lots of snow!

  9. Rebecca looney says:

    We have a family recipe for homemade ice cream that I love. It’s a lemon custard and every time I get out the ice cream maker I just can’t get myself to try a different recipe! It has memories of many birthday celebrations for our family.

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