1. Nielsen,Winifred T. says:

    I love the many different china transfer ware patterns. They come in so many patterns and colors too. This is a lovely teapot!

  2. Diana Shelton says:

    I love the nostalgic tea pot, two of my favorite things to do is have a cup of tea with one of my favorite tea pots and read my precious warn bible.

  3. Glenda Jones says:

    Whenever someone visits my mom and is upset about something, mim says, ” Let’s have a cup of tea.” And the kettle s put on, the yea cups come out along with a wonderful selection of real teas. And then things just start to look better.
    I plan on continuing this tradition as I habe my own collection of tea cups and tea pots.

  4. BB king says:

    As I always said, you can never have enough teapots or tea to put in them. I once collected them and when I had 350 , I sold them all-most were antiques and vintage. but silly me, I never kept a large eveyday one even. I have 2 tiny one person one cup ones but not one for “tea for two”

  5. terry steinmetz says:

    Now I want to host another tea party! I love getting out my different tea pots and using them. Hubby has asked me if he needs to build me a room for my collection. Honestly, I only have 15!

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