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My featured Merit Badge Awardee of the Week is … Heather Hayes!!!

Heather Hayes (#6831) has received a certificate of achievement in Stitching & Crafting for earning a Beginner Level Quilting Merit Badge!

“1. If you don’t know how to quilt, learn. I already knew how to quilt; I started quilting about 17 years ago. I have taken several classes and attended multiple quilt meetings, spent time quilting with friends, etc.

2. Pick a simple pattern like a doll-sized quilt that will help you learn the basics, even just sewing squares together. My first completely finished quilt was a Log Cabin quilt that I made for my queen size bed. It took me 8 hours to cut and piece it.

3. Learn how to add a backing and batting and do simple quilting stitches to hold everything in place. Finish your quilting project. There is a three-hour minimum time investment required. A little quilt I cut, pieced, and quilted on my own with no help it was a crib-sized windmill quilt. (Still twitching from the prairie points.) This winter, I tried a new pattern and made a quilt for my husband for Christmas 2016. It took 12 hours to cut out, piece, and finish the quilt.

4. If you already know how to quilt, teach someone how to quilt the beginner project. The summer of 2015, I taught at my daughter’s American Heritage Girls summer camp and I taught eight girls how to quilt. Each girl completed a small snack mat. Then together, they made a bandana quilt and sat in a circle as they quilted the quilt together by tying it with embroidery thread.

All of the projects were finished, though my quilt closet is full of a lot of UFO (UnFinished Objects), but this past year, I have picked back up and completed 6 quilts so far. The girls’ quilt projects from camp were so special to me, as they each had their struggles to learn new skills and they each overcame them and had a mat finished to take home. They were so proud of the work they had done. I had girls aged 12-15, and my own daughter was in the group. She was very happy with hers, as she also had used fabric that she had dyed herself in the mat.”


  1. BB king says:

    Congrats Heather- I have UFOs ( quilting) dating back over 40 years! Lovely quilt!

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