Young Cultivator Merit Badge: All Buttoned Up, Intermediate Level

The adorable, always humorous MBA Jane is my way of honoring our Sisterhood Merit Badge program, now with 7,428 dues-paying members who have earned an amazing number of merit badges so far—10,782 total! Take it away, MBA Jane!!! ~MaryJane 

Wondering who I am? I’m Merit Badge Awardee Jane (MBA Jane for short). In my former life  

For this week’s Stitching and Crafting/All Buttoned Up Intermediate Level Young Cultivator Merit Badge, Nora and I picked up right where we left off.

Hands deep in the cookie tin.

No, not that cookie tin. The one with all the buttons in it.

Now that she had her very own collection of super-adorbs buttons, it was time to learn their function (besides the functions Nora had come up with on her own: sorting and piling, gluing to things, and flipping across the room like miniature flying saucers).

Sewing them on fabric.

Now I’m not saying that I took this opportunity to teach this skill at this particular time just because I was in need of a button on my favorite apron … I prefer to call it perfect timing. A complete coincidence. And it wasn’t my fault I couldn’t replace my missing button myself: Nora had pilfered my own collection to bolster hers. I didn’t have a spare button to my name.

So, I got out a needle and thread and proceeded to teach the fine art of button attaching to my little protégé.

There was much wailing and poking and pricking and screeching and losing of the needle and losing of the button and losing of patience and demands for a tea and scone break. Such shenanigans. It was embarrassing really.

“Seriously, Aunty,” said Nora, with a roll of her baby blues, “Are you about done with the dramatic show and shenanigans? I’m ready to learn this if you’re ready to focus.”

“Yes, er, sorry.” I sucked on my sore finger and wondered where I’d stashed my thimble. “I’m better now. All focused. Pass me that apron, would you?”

Next to pockets, buttons are incredibly important to functional style. Plus, buttons can say a lot about you! Square, round, pliable, stiff, shiny, dull, colorful, sparkly, you name it, you can find it in a button. My apron was a cheery blue/green pattern, so I chose a button in a shade of bright green for a nice contrast.

I suppose you could say the purple thread I used to sew it on was also for contrast, but mostly it was because I couldn’t find any green. Or blue.

I really need to organize my thread collection.

Is there a badge for that?

But back to the buttons. I worked on my apron, while snuggled up next to Nora, who was sewing her own yellow button on a scrap of fabric for practice before she attached one to a real item of clothing.

Turns out I was also snuggled up to the missing needle in the couch cushions.

Son of a tailor! My bottom was nearly Swiss cheese by the time I found that sucker. In the meantime, Nora had finished her button and was kindly finishing up mine. She really got the hang of it quickly, partly due to my What Not To Do demonstration.

The things I do for these kids. Turning myself into a sieve and whatnot.

Ah well. I can wear my favorite apron once again, Nora earned a new badge, and we finished off the afternoon with some tea and scones. It was a successful day, indeed.

  1. Lisa Von Saunder says:

    Button Button who’s got the button ?

    MaryJane Did you get your packet of clippings from me ? Hope so,

    enjoy Indian Summer !!

    • MaryJane says:

      I did (thank you!) but I haven’t had time to even sit down the last little while, with no end in sight. My bread book is due next week and also magazine. Crazy busy.

      • Lisa Von Saunder says:

        Good luck with the new bread book!!!
        I understand busy as this is my harvest season here in Amishland- take care and if you need to ,head to your growlery.

      • Karlyne says:

        I only own one bread book, so you can betcha I’ll be buying this one!

        P.S. We found a needle on my daughter’s hardwood floor of the house they just moved into. Luckily, it was not attached to anyone’s foot… Or keister…

        • MaryJane says:

          I put a small piece of glass into my foot once–pain in the foot:) Glad you found it before it …

          • Karlyne says:

            I think this is why I’m so happy when shoe wearing season comes back. I was the kid who always got stung in the foot in the grass, and ended up seriously sick. I like my feet whole and without anything stuck in them!

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    My Grandmother had this big metal box full of odd buttons that I would play with for hours as a young child while she and Mom worked on sewing at her treadle machine. I remember being totally fascinated with the shapes and colors.

  3. Krista says:

    I have sewn on quite a few buttons in my life and I actually really enjoy it. My favorite buttons are always the sparkly or bright colored ones. Luckily, I haven’t sat or stepped on a needle and I would love to keep it that way!

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