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My featured Merit Badge Awardee of the Week is … Nancy Noble!

Nancy Noble (NancyOH1, #7441) has received a certificate of achievement in Make It Easy for earning an Expert Level Collect It! Merit Badge!

“I have been keeping my eye out on eBay and at the local antique mall, Heritage Antique Mall, for paperweights. Both places have a selection of paperweights and I have my eye on a few of them. Some I can purchase now and some will have to wait and be put on my wish list for purchase later.

I did start a spreadsheet today with my current collection of paperweights. This spreadsheet can always be added to now and much more information can now be added for future purchases. This information can be where I purchase the paperweight, how much it cost, and any information obtained about the paperweight.

My second spreadsheet is started for my paperweight wish list. Here I can now list any paperweights that I might want to purchase once I have the money or ones that I would come across in articles, online, or in stores. That way once I locate and/or can afford to purchase them I can mark them off my wish list and put it on my inventory spreadsheet.

My collection, inventory, and wish list have all turned out great. Now to be on the look-out for more paperweights to add to the collection.”

  1. Karen thatcher says:

    I love this. My Mom collected paper weights for years and I wish she had kept this information. When she passed in 2013, I set the paperweights up at a table at the funeral and let the 13 great grandchildren each pick one to keep in her memory.

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Nancy, your collection sounds very interesting! I would love to see the paperweights and hear you talk about their history. A spreadsheet is a very helpful way to keep everything in order and also to be able to reference past purchases and current wish lists. Enjoy sharing your new passion with others!

  3. What an interesting collection. I’d love to see a display of different paperweights just to see the variations. The spreadsheet will also help (the wishlist part) for holidays when people just don’t know what to get you. Great job!

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