1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Katie barr the door ’cause the wind and rains are a’comin” !!

    I have my daughter’s kitty here since she had three dogs she has to keep in her house and they might gang up on her. Poor girl, she is under the bed and Bump hasn’t even given her the time of day. He is napping away like usual and doing an inventory of all the stuff from outside that is now inside. It has been a busy morning for the “House Manager”!! LOL!! Right now, it will be late evening and through tomorrow afternoon that we will get whatever is going to happen. I have already dug into the chocolate but was smart enough to grab some small boxes of Newman’s Organic raisins to have on hand for a healthy alternative.

    • MaryJane says:

      Love your update Winnie. Hanging onto every detail because I’ve been trying so hard to picture your situation. Also, it sounds like Mr. Bump is doing pretty good these days, right? I’ve been worried about him. Big hugs this morning!

      • Winnie Nielsen says:

        Thank-you for your extra hugs as I might be needing them come about 4am when we are in the thick of things! Yes, our Mr.Bump has been doing better. Last week, the vet thought he might be seriously going down hill. She gave me a kitty narcotic to help ease his pain which I gave Mon.,Tues, and Wed. It helped him tremendously and I haven’t needed to give him any since then. I have figured out that one big problem for him is the awful arthritis in his left knee that has been progressing for the past year from an acute injury two years ago when he was ripping around the yard on a chilly morning and misjudged his jump onto the porch, slamming into it instead. Arthritis is painful but not necessarily terminal like pancreatitis could be. When he is in pain, it is obvious. He has a hard time walking and his left leg will sometimes quiver when he stands on it. So now, I am wondering if some of his problems have been related to his leg. Or a combination of both. However, I am feeling more confident that we still have some quality time left with him as the past 4 days have been really normal. Last week, I didn’t know what to worry about the most: impending hurricane or a possibly dying kitty. I will take every good day I can get with Bump!

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