1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    This looks like ingredients for some pear and apple mulled cider. Or possibly some poached pears and apples?

    Happy Sunday MaryJane! I am back in Atlanta airport right now headed home. Had a great visit with my friend in Oklahoma!

    Farmgirl on the Loose partnering with Delta Airlines. Let’s keep climbing the logo says!!

  2. Lisa Von Saunder says:

    Good morning MaryJane,

    please check your email for the one I sent you this morning about elephants.

    happy fall

  3. Today’s gratitude is for Bees and Dragonflies. I had time to spend on your website, and notices the prominence of bees and dragonflies. If bees and dragonflies were animals, they would be my “Spiritual Totems”. Unfortunately, the lovely cow, as much as I admire what she’s done for the human race, is not one of my totems. The love of bees is in my Slovenian DNA. The love of dragonflies is from my summer days swimming and boating ath our tiny lake at our tiny cottage. milkaTheAppreciator

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