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My featured Merit Badge Awardee of the Week is Erin McBride!

Erin McBride (notathreatinsight, #3762) has received a certificate of achievement in Outpost for earning the Beginner Level of the Geography Merit Badge!

“I have a couple globes, and many maps of the world, and the United States.

Having worked as a trainer for an airline for 8 years, I have what I would consider more than a basic level of knowledge of national and world geography. One of the nice things about homeschooling is that when your kids learn something new, you have to learn it too. We are currently studying the United States, and have learned all of the capitals (I did know these already) along with their locations on the map of the U.S. Now we are learning geographical features, including mountain ranges, lakes, bays, rivers, trails, canals, deserts, and other prominent features, along with their locations.

YouTube is full of resources for learning more about geography in fun ways. We are using maps and songs to learn these features, which I would recommend to anyone of any age! It’s fun to learn and you gain valuable knowledge about the world you live in.

We also used this book to study cartography and map out the U.S. We all enjoy drawing, and this was a fun project to help us learn more about the geography of our country.”


  1. Debbie Klann says:

    Congratulations, Erin!!! I didn’t know that you used to work for the airlines!

  2. Barbara Criss says:

    This makes me ashamed of my geography knowledge—I have felt for years that I need to study up on the subject. Especially world geography. Congrats to you and keep on learning.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    As a home educator to 3 children (boy, that was a while ago), I took a Christian Geography class offered by a friend who was a home educator. The class was offered to adults only. We used Arnold Guyot’s geography and she had us drawing continents, rivers, deserts, etc. because it’s more liable to stay in your memory; learned! It was wonderful learning the purposes of southern continents versus northern. I have all my maps outlined in colored pencil and my notes. Now that I’ve seen your article, I’m going to get my notebook and re-learn! It’s so exciting!

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