blessings to you!

Aside from all the wonderful food activities tomorrow, I hope you feel …

… loved – the most important ingredient necessary for a traditional Thanksgiving Day.

Nick and I are looking forward to cooking tomorrow’s meal alone, just the two of us. It’s a first. Our children are all with in-laws this year so we’ve had fun planning our meal – for a week now – a few exotic things, but most of it food we’ve grown.

Guess what else we’re going to do? Throughout the day we’re going to have a romantic movie marathon. Nick brought home an early version of Romeo & Juliet, Pillow Talk with Rock Hudson and Doris Day, American in Paris with Gene Kelly, and The Sandpiper with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Hmmmm, which one should we watch first? While our food is in the oven, I have a headband ready to knit and a beaded necklace I need to re-string. Lots of hot apple cider thoughout the day and a walk up our lane together. Memory lane.

We have special treats planned for our four-legged family members. With two pregnant milk cows, three horses, two adorable miniature jerseys – a bull and a heifer, and two Great Pyrenees, a canary and chickens, we’re in good company, even if our children aren’t with us this year. We feel mighty blessed, and dare I say, accomplished at this stage of our lives. You know that feeling when you have young children and you tuck them in at night and their noses just happen to be dry all at the same time, sheets are clean, and bread is cooling on the counter? That’s how we feel but yet different because we have all of our life’s goals tucked in. Instead of looking ahead, we’re old enough now to look back and feel CONTENT.

May you bask in love tomorrow.

  1. Meg says:

    Mom~ Each step of the way you were in my thoughts…as I made my two pies & taught Stella how to make her first pie, accomplshed a perfectly moist turkey, and received rave reviews about my sweet potatoes…

    As we all gathered hands to say thanks, Stella finished with, “And I so proud I make my first pie.”

    Yup, she pretty much summed it up. Even though it wasn’t my first, it still makes me smile to think my momma would have been proud.

    I love you Momma. I am so thankful.

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