The Real Deal

Real cowhide boots straight from the Ranch …

… Farmgirl herself, Sister Shery Jespersen.  (It just doesn’t get any more authentic.) I knew she was up to something when she asked me for my boot size. As it turns out, these are a second-hand store find from years ago that she just couldn’t pass up. They are indeed well-loved and a tad scuffed up around the toes BUT these puppies fit me like a glove–love from Shery. What stories these boots could tell! I’m really ready for Wyomin’ now. Thanks, my friend. I have entire outfits planned around these two girls.


  1. Lauren N says:

    Those sure are so mighty pretty boots!
    What shoe size are you, Mary Jane?

  2. Shery says:

    I guess they were just waiting for the right ‘cinderfarmgirlella’ to slip her feet into them. When the bottoms get too worn looking, you could always make a purse out of the tops ;o) shery

    • Daizy Bailes says:

      Shery , Mary Jane, they would make a neat-o purse but its always best to re-sole a great pair of boots with “history”. If you haven’t worn the tops and shanks out than they can be regifted and the history goes on and on. Those are real knock-out stomping boots. Looking good! What a super gift!

  3. Betty may says:

    I’m 70,and growing up on the farm and watching Dale Evans and various other female western stars,I always wanted to be a cow girl or ride in women barrel races at the rodeo!But teaching school and raising 3 sons were just as exciting,so seeing the boots brings back happy memories of a long

    lost dream…..

  4. Tracy says:

    I have a belt that looks exactly like u’r boots (fur) been waitin 2 fit into it again, i admire it and hope after 2 beautiful babies…………….. what are your boots sitting on, i love it, looks like it would make a beautiful planter??

    • MaryJane says:

      We’ll have to get together for a photo! That’s an old farm implement out my window that was used by the bachelor brothers that lived and died here before I laid claim. There are several of these laying around because my husband’s family farmed here a of couple generations also. They’re awesome as photo props.

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