Happiness Is Catching

I’m finding contagious joy in the silliest of places!

I’ve noticed that the things that make us smile don’t always make sense on paper. If you’d like an example, look no further than…

this video, “Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper.”

[youtube RP4abiHdQpc nolink]

Contagious joy. I was giggling hard by the end. And afterwards? I felt lighter. Better. Less woeful. Much sillier.
We are social creatures, and we like to share our burdens AND our happiness. So when we see such over-the-top delight, it’s hard not to sponge it up ourselves. Sure, it doesn’t sound too impressive. Ripping paper? Hysterical?

Here’s a video of my brother’s baby laughing with her mother, Ashley, our food stylist and recipe guru.

[youtube YjblvSnUZ1Q nolink]

Thank goodness for contagious belly laughs, and the laughers who produce them! Thank goodness joy is catching! And thank goodness for little babies who remind us of something we tend to forget: life is funny! And usually, it’s the little things that remind us.
What’s the silliest thing that gets you to giggling?

  1. sheryylynn1000 says:

    Just what I needed.
    I often tell my children stories about the silly things we’ve done. When my son was around this same age he would smear his baby food all over his mouth to get us to laugh–then he would do the same chortle.
    As they get older it seems as if we forget to laugh with them. I try to turn any event into a giggle fest. Checkout the game “slamwich”, within minutes I can have my kids laughing that “pee-in-you-pants” giggle even as a teen!

  2. i giggle every time a lemon pip (seed) gets in my mouth. I usually, make that always, get them while sipping through a straw from drinks like iced water or tea. I should probably mention that I drink a lot of lemon water and tea! The reason i giggle is that I used to “try” to spit the pip out every time it happened with abysmal results. Now i react to a pip in my mouth like pavlov’s dog to a bell. I giggle even though i no longer even bother to try and spit them out even though I still drink copious amounts of lemon in my beverages. My failed pip spittings over the years resulted in my spitting seeds all over my car (or porch or office…) while trying to spit them out the window (or off the porch or into the office trash…). Once, when i would have finally made it out the car window, finally! The window wasn’t rolled down! That pip bounced off the window and ricocheted off my chin back into the car with the other pips. I hit passengers, accidentally of course, while aiming away from them. pathetic. nowadays I just let them tumble out of my mouth into my hand and throw them away. Oh, and yes, I am just as bad at throwing as i am at spitting! My giggling continues.

  3. Kayla Marie says:

    I laugh ridiculously at my cats chasing a laser. It keeps them active and they are so funny that they will chase it and run into a wall or your leg. It keeps me laughing and healthy!

  4. Cyndi says:

    My dogs break up paper also, and paper towels are their favorite!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  5. Sue says:

    Thank you for my first real laugh of the day. My rule is to have at least one good belly laugh every day. It’s good for the soul. Luckily I have a a very funny husband.

  6. Debbie says:

    Oh Meg,
    Both of those are great! We laugh when our Corgi Max attacks the water coming out of the hose and when we use a metal tape measure… Hmmm maybe we better get filming!!!
    thanks for the belly laughs!
    Deb ( your beachfarmgirl )

  7. Meg says:

    A good laugh per day MUST be good for our health! Happy laughing! 😉

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