Head Hencho

Parlez-vous Français?

Don’t worry, fluency is not required.

But you can certainly fancy up your vocabulary—and maybe even fluff up your ego—with French flair.

Start by saying the word …

… “doyenne.”

It’s easy to pronounce: doy-en.

Dying to delve into the definition?

Think “grande dame” (also French, but somehow more … matronly).

In my world, doyenne is synonymous with “Queen Bee” and “Head Hencho.” In fact, I dare to dub myself the doyenne here at my farm. I am, after all, the senior woman around these parts.

Where do you get to be the woman in charge? Your office? Garden? Classroom? Kitchen?

Don’t be shy—there is a doyenne in all of us. Dish!

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  1. Eileen Widman says:

    And that’ad be me in my world!

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