What’s it like to be “flannelmouthed,” you ask?

Rascal thinks you should think backscratcher, not cat scratcher, on this one. A flannelmouth is a person who tends to be insincere, boastful, or deceptive in their speech. (In my research on the Web, I found this often refers to politicians.) To be flannelmouthed is to be smooth and persuasive. Hmmm … I suppose we can all think of a few flannelmouthed people we know!

(flan-el-mouthd) adj. 1: speaking indistinctly. 2: speaking in a tricky or ingratiating way.

To be flannelmouthed can also mean to speak unclearly or haltingly, to mumble as if you literally have a mouthful of flannel (well, okay, this might apply to Rascal—but only at this particular moment). Be sure to speak up, ladies! Flannel pajamas are farmgirl fabulous, but flannelmouth … ? That’s just bad manners.

I guess you could say that in one sense, those that are flannelmouthed can’t be heard, and in another sense, they say whatever you want to hear. Either way, they seem like people to avoid.

So, Rascal may have caught the flannel mouse, but she’s no flannelmouth—and if you dare to think so, you’d better be wearin’ your boots, because when it comes to attacking ankles, Rascal’s a pro!

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