a glampin’ we will go

Here’s Shery Jesperson, our Ranch Farmgirl blogger, and her ‘Cabin in a Can’. (More pics of glamorous, fabulous, tricked-out, gorgeous, stunning, and stupendous glampers coming soon.) This is the spot where we’ve enjoyed more than one delicious cup of coffee, as well as banana, chocolate and cinnamon bread of all sorts. Shery, THANK YOU and your glamper girlfriends for your Wyoming-style hospitality (hearts as big as a washtub) …

So far we’ve had two amazingly glamporous dinners, a riveting game of BINGO!, antiquing, a stop off at Mount Rushmore, as well as doses of pure laziness filled with laughter, music, and sisterhood.

And here’s my beaut! All dressed up with places yet to go. Stay tuned for more excitement from the road.

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  1. Laurie Dimino says:

    Lucky gals!!!!!!!!!! Drooling over here in New York! Enjoy

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  3. CJ says:

    At the same time Robin and I were glamping it up in Flagstaff, Arizona in our “laced up” tent and totally glammed canopy with all kinds of accessories. We were photographed, videoed, visited, cheered, complimented galore . . . by women and men! A man from England came by and visited with us and said that he’s camped all over the world but our campsite was absolutely the best he’s ever seen. It was such fun!
    Hopefully, some day we can glamp in the same place at the same time . . . that would be Glamping Farmgirl AWESOME!
    Love everyone’s trailers and decor!

  4. michelle reid says:

    Loving the fun you are having and wish I could be there~~am enjoying it from MA. near Boston!!!! Keep glamping girls!!!

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