3rd Annual Fancy Feathers Farmgirls on the Loose

Last year, Jennifer Porter and the gals of Fancy Feathers Farmgirls on the Loose got together for their second annual weekend of all-girl-get-out-fun! We highlighted the great time they had here on the blog and in the March 2012 Cluck Sisterhood Newsletter …

These ladies sure do know how to rock! And October 12-14 they are preparing for round three in Round Top, Texas that includes classes, food, and plenty of farmgirl fun. Jennifer has t-shirts all lined up with a little help from our graphics department.

Inspired by the Junk Gypsy Junk-O-Rama Prom (we featured HGTV’s Junk Gypsies in the last issue of our magazine, Oct/Nov 2012) the ladies are putting together their own prom, Girls and Pearls Glamp-A-Rama. Here are more pics from last year’s Fancy Feathers Farmgirls on the Loose event, where they learned how to keep a backyard beehive.

If you are in the area and want to join up for a good ole time, contact Jennifer Porter at whisperwindsarabians@arabians.com for more information.

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