Life’s just swell, fine-and-dandy.

Fine. Excellent. Well done. Going just right. Swell. *Snore.*

How wistfully do we tread through life, looking for better adjectives to battle-harden our vocabulary, and how often do we …

… fall back on the word “great” or “swell” or “fine.” How GREAT is the word great, really? Just as great as it sounds. (Great just really grates on me because I use it waaaaaaay too much.)

How about c-o-p-a-c-e-t-i-c. OOOOoooo, now that’s a word for any “great” occasion.

Co-pa-ce-tic/koh puh set ik (slang adjective) very satisfactory, fine-and-dandy, going just right, excellent, everything in order.

The lady assured me I shouldn’t worry because the matter had been settled and everything was copacetic.

Before I leave for a week, is everything copacetic?

The history of copacetic has been looked into in “great” detail by the Copacetic Comics Company: The History of Copacetic.


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  1. Mari Duffy says:

    I introduced a word a few weeks ago……..fastidious. My son who takes honors English had never heard it and enjoys learning ‘new’ words.

  2. Sharon says:

    It’s no wonder vocab is going down – schools don’t care if kids spell correctly or not… “just get the idea down, we’ll worry about the spelling later”. Yeh, that’s a great idea! And now we have the worst spellers ever, totally reliant on spell check. What happens if your computer crashes or phone texting freezes and you have to send out an important document and it has to go out with your hooked-on-phonics 3rd grade spelling? (Okay, breathe… stepping off my soap box…)

  3. Eileen Widman says:

    Very funny! I have a friend who overuses “that” word to the point of nausea!!
    Just Sayin”

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