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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    When I see graphics of wealthy women from the 17th and early 18th Century, I immediately want to be a peasant so I could wear more comfortable clothing and aprons. All that lace and corset stuff just seems so hot and itchy to me!!

  2. Oooh How I love bandboxes ( ie hat boxes ) My aunt had an attic filled to the ceiling with genuine hand made ones covered in wall paper and lined with newspapers from that era, from the early to late 1800’s. The band boxes were used for storage in those days.
    I still use the old wooden cheddar cheese boxes left over from my early days when I worked a the old fashioned General Store in Putney, VT The owner was always complaining that people only bought 1/4 lb chunks of VT cheddar cheese. We hand sliced them off the big wheels to order. Well , I told the customers if they could hand slice a pound perfectly they could have it for free ! The boss had kittens (a fit) but it worked . No one could do it but me ( who’d been slicing cheese forever) and we sold a wheel a week up from one per month. And if anyone complained it couldn’t be done, off Id go and slice a perfect pound and make them buy it. Yes, many happy memories of those old time simple days.

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