I Found One! Day 3

I lied. I forgot I found a snowy owl years before at our annual Halloween party.

How about an owl in the middle of the day in the middle of …

… my garden?

Barred owl (Strix nebulosa) 17 – 24″, is a large, fluffy owl with dark eyes, dark horizontal bars on the upper breast with dark streaks below and pale spots on the back.

Call is a rhythmic series of 8 loud hoots in 2 sets of 4 hoots. Sometimes sounds like barking. The barred owl can often sound crazed. Occasionally heard during daylight hours. {Editor’s correction: Occasionally seen posing for cameras during daylight hours.}

Common in Eastern and Central US, South Central Canada in forests, wooded river bottoms, and swamps. {Editor’s addition: Common in gardens in Northern Idaho, especially fond of organic gardens.}

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