Thanks, NannyJane!

The salad greens are going crazy in the greenhouse at the farm right now, so Mom and I make big salads every day for lunch. I’m known for my love of salads. Whenever I go out to eat in a restaurant, the waiters always look at my mom for confirmation that yes, indeed, the salad I just ordered is actually the only thing I’d like for dinner. I inherited my passion for salads from NannyJane and Mom!

salad greens

Enter the world of ENTO

Hot on the heels of my recent peek into the peculiar genius of the Gleaner’s Kitchen,

I find myself facing another burning question about our food boundaries …

Would you eat

(  . . . . .  )


Before you answer, let me qualify my query.

I’m not asking if you would pluck a beetle from your yard and …

C-R-U-N-C-H it.


Photo by Bob Peterson via Wikimedia Commons

It’s okay; I’ll give you a moment to recover before I move on …


Atta girl.

The bugs that beg the question emanate from a more elegant field of entomology.

Actually, Ento for short.

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