Next Time You’re in Town

We had a great time on our recent trip to Manhattan, and people always ask where we ate (mostly because there are a million fabulous choices). We do have one place we always visit … every year.

Mia was just 1 and Stella just 3 when they peeked their heads over the polka-dot booth for a mirror pic with our friend Ashley on their first visit.

Photo Apr 07, 1 44 41 PM

Last year, the girls and I even had the same booth for lunch!

Photo Mar 17, 11 59 18 AM

This year, the whole family enjoyed lunch together.

Photo Mar 22, 9 34 43 AM

I do love a good burger and fries, but usually prefer to serve up the cows we raise. You know you might be from Idaho when your kids refer to beef as cow at the dinner table. The cows at Brgr have enjoyed a good, grass-fed life too! Yay for restaurants taking steps to improve our food. We are proud to support them, and their burgers are delicious. Gotta love any restaurant with slogans like “Cows were designed to graze on grass …” and …






Farmgirls in the Big Apple

You know the saying … You can take the girls out of the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the girls. Or something like that, right? It’s so true, but it’s always good to venture out and double check. Besides, coming back home can feel so good.

We were pretty excited for our adventure. The teddy bears might have felt otherwise, but they were good sports.

Photo Mar 20, 10 59 32 AM


It was a windy day, but the pilots got us safely out of Idaho and on our way to the big city.

Photo Mar 20, 11 58 19 AM

We checked into our hotel with a midnight snack, then off to dream about our first day in the city.

Good morning, Manhattan!

Photo Mar 21, 6 47 16 AM

Look out city, here we come (in our farm boots, of course).

Photo Mar 24, 10 13 50 AM

We loved the Museum of Natural History, and after an entire day wandering the halls, we still have a list of things to do for next time. I love it when my girls voluntarily hold hands.

Photo Mar 26, 1 05 04 PM

Rockefeller Center is awesome, especially on a windy day with all the world flags flapping above. And of course, having just learned to ice skate back home, the girls had fun watching the Zamboni do its thing.

Photo Mar 24, 1 17 22 PM

We could have spent the entire week in Central Park. But alas, it was time to pack up and head home.

Photo Mar 22, 1 29 58 PM

Good night, Manhattan. Until next time … tomorrow to be exact, when I share why we were in NYC plus a Big Moment GIVEAWAY!

Photo Mar 24, 7 37 56 PM






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