women farmers worldwide

Our fingers, dark with soil, press seeds and pluck fruits.

Our shoulders feel the heat of the sun.

Come tomorrow’s sunrise, our muscles will ache with work done diligently.

And we will begin again.

You see,

no matter where in the world you may be,

we’re not so different,

you and me.

So, to celebrate common ground across the globe,

let’s have a little female farmer geography bee, MaryJane style (all fun, no foul).

What do you say?

It’s easy—just scroll through the photos below and try to guess each farmgal’s geographic location.

Jot down your answers as you go, and check them at the bottom of this post. I’ll provide a map link within each answer so that you can investigate (plan a visit?) if you wish.

Photo by Kate Holt/AusAID, Africa Food Security 17, via Wikimedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Florida Memory via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by David Baldi (user PandaDB) via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Meena Kadri via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Swathi Sridharan (ICRISAT) via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Leonardo Aguiar via Wikimedia Commons


  1. Cape Town, South Africa (map)
  2. Terra Ceia, Florida (map)
  3. Viscri, Romania (map)
  4. Puducherry, India (map)
  5. Mwanza District, Malawi (map)
  6. Sao Paulo, Brazil (map)