Mettlesome Maidens

Girlfriends, there are times when a woman’s mettle is tested, and I contend that only the most mettlesome maidens are up for the task of cow midwifery. Do I get a medal? Nah. But after a long month of doting on Maizy (several times each night), I get to …

… fall in love with her brand new baby girl, Etta Jane. Aw, shucks …

Mettle (met-l): a noun meaning courage, spirit, inherent character

Synonyms: valor, pluck, vigor, ardor, nerve, fiber (Can you say, “farmgirl”?!)

I don’t mean to meddle, but have you ever been privy to a calving? If not, you can get a firsthand feel for this mettle-testing task by reading this passage from James Herriot’s classic, All Creatures Great and Small. And here, you’ll find the photos I took when my milk cow, Chocolate, gave birth to Molasses, several years ago.

  1. Kimberly says:

    Owning a cow for the first time has definitely tested my mettle! Quite a lot of work, Buttercup is! But she is such a sweet cow.

  2. mary says:

    aaahhhhh she s so adorable
    nothing and i mean nothing
    is ever as cute as a baby calf.

  3. mary jacobs says:

    aahhhh shes so adorable
    nothing and i mean nothing
    is as cute as a baby calf

  4. cheryl severeide says:

    ahhhh Just adorable.. Congratulations Maizy! and Mary Jane 🙂 Love new babies…

  5. Eileen Widman says:

    The slide show is wonderful. I have never been in a place to see this first hand with a cow. I have seen it with Kittens and puppies though. Still amazing! Then there is the job of being a Doula! Getting to be available in a birth of a human being helping the mother with whatever she needs while the midwife gets to help with the actual birthing. My Daughter Audrey is a Doula.

  6. drMolly says:

    not calving but many, many, many goat & sheep baby births & helped delivers some, too when mother nature was a bit confused as to how to present a small one. Always a blessing & affirmation of life.
    Pretty girl, by the way.

  7. Cindy Hailey says:

    What a pretty baby! What a remarkable experience. Congratulations.

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