I can hardly believe my eyes, but as I shade them with my hand, there’s no denying the brilliant gleam of the wakening sun.

Time to unpack the wide-brimmed hats!

My nose detects … can it really be?

Photo of blackberry blossoms courtesy of, Ranveig

Yes! The damp, delicious scent of thawing earth!

My fingers have found soft, swelling buds on the verge of unfurling.

Morning birdsongs are ringing in my ears.

And I can already taste the sweet, crisp succulence of the season’s first greens.

The year has come around again, and life is positively …


ver·nal [vur-nl]

1: of, relating to, or occurring in the spring <vernal equinox><vernal sunshine>

2: fresh or new like the spring; also: youthful

In the wise words of William Wordsworth …

“One impulse from a vernal wood

May teach you more of man,

Of moral evil and of good,

Than all the sages can.

Sweet is the lore which Nature brings …”

Vernal Veracity

Ever heard the old myths of egg- or broom-balancing on the vernal equinox (which occurs on or around March 21 each year)? Get the straight story of the “Infernal Egguinox” on

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