scotch woodcock

Girls, do I have some words to dish to you about.

Or, maybe I have a dish to have a word with you about.

Actually, it’s both.

Have you ever heard of something called scotch woodcock?

Hint: It’s food.

Another hint: The recipe calls for no scotch (disappointing), and no woodcock (not disappointing).

So, here’s what it is. Ready?

Scotch woodcock is a traditional Scottish dish of creamy scrambled eggs and anchovy paste on hot, buttered toast.

Scotch Woodcock. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Karenjc

Not that a drunken bird would be any better, but … eww.

It’s a Victorian era savory “treat” that was often served after a meal at places like the House of Commons and the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

Oh, those crazy Victorians.

I’ll take my scrambled eggs and buttered toast without the anchovies, please.

As a matter of fact …

I’ll take dessert instead!

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Once upon a time, I would have totally agreed with you. But then, while staying with a family in France, they served a salad nicoise with, yep, anchovies. I did not want to appear picky at the table so I ate them. Much to my surprise, they added a wonderful salty bite to the potatoes and other veggies. Then, a few years later, my friend had a party and made a beautiful mound do egg salad and placed anchovies on top surrounded by toasted French bread slices. When you scoop up the egg salad with a bit of anchovy , the result is wonderful. I was amazed at how the anchovy actually gave the rather plain egg salad that uumph!
    Who would have guessed? Certainly not me— hater of most condiments!!

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Mary Jane- I think with anchovies, a “little dab will do ya”, is best for trying them again. In Italy, they also have some small pieces along with good black olives on a cheese pizza. I first looked at the pizza in horror, but again , the small bites of salty anchovy did add a tasty dimension ! Now sardines??? As my friend’s grandson would say… “I can’t want it !”

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