Meanwhile, the barn goes on …

Do you see those ominous clouds behind the new barn we’re raising? Winter is coming! We all cried a little tear last week when we had our first snowfall at the farm. Not that we don’t love winter—we just hope it comes after Halloween. It’s a little cold walking around trick-or-treating in your Elvira costume. Fall at the farm is so beautiful, we hate to see it go. Brian is especially hoping we stave off those little white flakes as long as possible. He’s stuck in the muck of “mud season” trying to get our new barn finished before the white stuff seriously piles up.

So far, so good, we are at 20% completion level, but time flies out here and soon, so will the snow. And the cows will sure need their new shelter this year.

  1. Terry Steinmetz says:

    It will get done, it always does! Persevere!!!

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    What is amazing to me , loving here in Florida is that it is snowing and we are only getting our first cool days and eves! Snow before Halloween?? I can’t even image what that feels like. We usually have a hot and humid Halloween so kids are miserable in some of the costumes.

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