Fetch some water!!!!

“I’ve boiled the water and fetched as many clean towels as I could find,” fretted the frantic fellow on the phone.

“I don’t know what more to do!”

The calm voice on the other end of the line hushed him gently.

“You can stop your nidgeting now,” she said, unruffled.

“I’ll be there in a moment.”

So …


That’s a new one on me!

Seeing it in context has probably tipped you off, but here’s the official definition:

The action of providing or seeking assistance for a woman during childbirth.


To call women to one in labor.

Far be it from me to giggle, but it is interesting to note that the root word


(not to be confused with midget)

is a noun that refers to a fool, idiot, or coward.

Hmmm …

Have YOU ever witnessed the antics of a husband whose beloved is in labor?


Nidgeting, indeed.




  1. Terry Steinmetz says:

    Thanks for the new word!

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I don’t ever remember my nursing instructors talking about nidgeting during nurse training. That being said, the behaviors shown by moms and dads alike in the delivery room deserve a good term like nidgeting!

  3. Carol Pack Urban says:

    I love her pinafore!

  4. Electa Mathre says:

    As a mother of six and all babies birthed at home with my loving husband he never boiled water once! And never was in a “nidget”! Lol
    And I love the hat and pinafore!

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