You’ve Got Mail (Neckwarmer & Mittens)

Wyoming rancher Anita Shepperson found her way into my heart again. (I met up with Anita and friends last summer in South Dakota for a weekend of glamping.)

This time, she surprised me with a knitted cowl/neckwarmer and mittens that she’d created using wool from the Rambouillet ewes she raises on her sheep ranch. Fuzzy, warm feelings!!!! Thanks, Anita. They’re gorgeous!!! Love.

Here these beauties are modeled by Saralou, our seamstress/crafter. Love the handmade antler buttons Anita used. But of course! Anita makes her own butter and cheese. She also weaves extraordinary baskets and so much more in addition to running a large Wyoming ranch. She’s what you’d call self-sufficient to the max.


  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    oooohhhh, I love these mittens and cowl! The bulky yarn is so perfect for creating these warm accessories. It would be fascinating to learn and see the process from ewe to hand. Anita did a fabulous job!!

  2. Kendra P. Chubbuck says:

    Good Morning –

    Thank you for this post. Very cute and look so warm. Do you by any chance have the directions for the cowl/neckwarmer? I’m a beginner knitter and we have formed a knitting club on Isle au Haut, Maine. It’s a tiny island in Penobscot Bay. I think I might be able to make this item but not sure! One of the expert knitters said she would help me if I got the directions. Many thanks! Have a great day. Kendra

  3. Terry Steinmetz says:

    I love them as well. Any chance she’d share the pattern?

  4. Debbie Fischer says:

    Oh Mary Jane they are so cute! Do you think she would share the pattern? I would love to try my hand at making the mittens.

  5. Brandy Ward says:

    I feel warmed up already! Yes! I would like the directions also. I too am just beginning but have special friends who are “experts” who can give me help. I might even get it done by next winter:) hugs & thank you for sharing MJ

  6. Sharon DeHart Lofton says:

    I love these. would Love if she would share the pattern. What a talented lady.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been wanting to respond to this thread, hope I didn’t wait too long b/c I am also sold on these crafty items! Anita, you did a fabulous job on these cozy looking mittens & cowl/neck warmer & you chose the perfect model for them. Great job Saralou~they look like they were made for you & the snowflakes in your hair is an excellent prop~it’s just the perfect backdrop there, isn’t it? I’m so envious of all the snow you all have received already.

    Anita, I’m going to try to find you on Pinterest & see if you have linked the patterns of your excellent craft works as I too am interested in the pattern. I’m wondering if Anita makes leg warmers as well?

    Thanks for sharing yet again MaryJane.

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