Glamping It Up in Kansas

Arriving in Lindsborg, Kansas (Little Sweden, USA), after driving through my previous hometown of Emporia, we were greeted by Dala horses on every corner.


A popular symbol of Sweden, this herd of Dala horses were cast in large fiberglass forms and are hand-painted by local artists. Each is publicly displayed and has a distinctive pun-filled name.


The Dala below isn’t part of the herd, but shows the traditional design of the Dala horse. Traditionally carved out of wood, the red Dala horse, popularized in Sweden in the early 19th century, was a toy for children.


After a cheerful nicker and a long neigh, we arrived at the Swedish Country Inn B&B. A quaint little bed and breakfast with a sauna, imported furniture in each room, and a fantastic breakfast spread! The next morning, we were treated to pickled herring, Swedish meatballs, assorted meats, cheese, pancakes, and lingonberries.



And there was Knäckebröd and pepparkakor. Ace knew what those were right away, as they were staples of her upbringing.


Mom and I enjoyed the heritage, but Ace, our foodie photographer, was in seventh heaven! Here she is in traditional garb handed down from her family.


But wait! I’m getting ahead of myself. That first night we settled in, unpacked our bags, and began preparing ourselves for a fabulous night of outside dining, at a Glampin’ Farmgirls on the Loose event organized by chapter leader April Choate of Minnesota.


I had a special surprise waiting for me! My good friend, Mary, who I met when I lived in Kansas, came to spend the glamping weekend adventure with me. It was such a treat catching up with her!


We arrived at the glamp-site to a delicious spread of potluck farmgirl fare. (They really out did themselves!)


Including raspberry and peach pie from a local bakeshop!


Lots of fabulous outfits …



And super-cute homemade pins bearing the logo designed for just this event.


I know you’re dying to see the trailers, and I’m just dying to show you! So, hold onto your hats ladies.

More fun is on the way when I take you through a tour of the glamp-mobiles that gathered together. Missouri, Texas, Minnesota, S. Dakota, Kansas (of course), and Oklahoma were represented in the finest of glampin’ regalia.



  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Ohh Megan, I just love all of your photos of the Lindborg visit!!! Dala horses are just the most fun ever and I am sort of mixed up in a Swedish Obsession with some other online friends. But the BEST ever is the Farmgirl logo of the wagon with a Dala horse!!! Oh my, is there anyway we can have the little pin center of the darling pins made for the event?? Or can we buy some pins that were extra?? In August my husband and I are visiting Norway and Finland and I want that pin to wear on a jean jacket to let Scandinavia know that Farmgirls are on the loose in their countries!!! Please let me know if there is any way possible to get one of those pins or at least the center part. Love it!! Thanks for sharing so many fun pictures and looking forward to more of the fabulous time spent together!

    • MaryJane says:

      We will make sure you have whatever you desire, Winnie!!! Meg will be in touch.

      • Winnie Nielsen says:

        Mary Jane, thank-you, thank-you !! I am so excited!! I will be sure to send Pics from my trip while wearing said button. Picture Red Tractor Girl with fjords in the background and maybe reindeer when we go through Lapland to the Arctic top of Norway to catch a boat! Whoop!! Farmgirl on the loose in Norway!

  2. Jennifer Memolo says:

    That’s so cool.

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  4. Teresita Williams says:

    Hope you all have a great time in Kansas. I live in Emporia . Have a safe trip. Hope you post some pictures of your trip.

  5. Winnie Nielsen says:

    It is here!! It is here! I had Farmgirl mail here today when I got home. Megan and Mary Jane, thank-you so very much for sending me the sweet corsage and that wonderful 1940 book of an immigrant family. I cannot wait to dive into the story. It was so sweet to include that “extra surprise” and I do thank-you both so very much!! Now my jacket will be complete with the official Farmgirl Loose logo corsage as I head over across the big pond to enjoy a bit of Finland and lots of Norway for 14 glorious days!! Whoop! Only 13 more days at work until retirement and I will be able to get into my growing list of Farmgirl projects, including making an afghan from all of the wonderful dishcloth swaps I have been doing the past two years. The one Mary Jane got this year from a Farmgirl gave me the idea and now I cannot wait to get it started. Thank-you both again so very much. I promise to spread the word about our beloved Farmgirl Sisterhood!!

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