Congrats, Sisters!

Yesterday’s post, “Calling All Sisters,” introduced you to our Farmgirl Sisterhood, the Merit Badge program, and the “Sister Issue” newsletter. Today, I’d like to show you how we feature Merit Badge awardees in the newsletter. (Did I mention that Sisters have earned over 8,000 Merit Badges to date??!!) If you participate in our Merit Badge program, you’ll find your own congratulations in print each month as you complete new badges. In our March newsletter, we had five pages of Merit Badge awardees and one page for badges earned by their kiddos.







  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I love doing badges. Currently, I am working on the beginner level Bee keeping badge with plans for Mason Bees at my house late this spring when the Florida kind are available. The thing about MJF merit badges is there are lots of categories of topics for so many broad areas of interest . Plus each level of the badge is an opportunity to learn new levels of skill. Badge completion is a great way to place a framework around the learning experience thus helping you to stay on track. When I was a Girl Scout, we enjoyed so many badge projects at troop meetings and summer camp. When I look at my badge sash today, carefully tucked away, I am flooded with memories of all those special times and so happy that I had a mom as a scout leader who believed in scouting and helping her girls meet individual and group challenges. When I discovered that the MJF sisterhood had merit badges, I was so excited! Now there was a way to continue the tradition. When I wrote up my goals for this year, I added 3 badges I wanted to work on. The Expert Level was completed in February with knitting socks. Honestly, this was a goal for over 3 years but I finally made it and now I have made 5 paris of socks in practice. Anyone want some socks??

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