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My featured Merit Badge Awardee of the Week is … Katie Wright!!!

Katie Wright (#5600) has received a certificate of achievement in Stitching & Crafting for earning a Beginner Level Knitting Merit Badge!

“Because I have knitted for many years, actually 54 (since being 12 years old), I decided to give patterns to others for charity knitting and help them with the projects if they needed help. There are many charities that you can use your knitting, quilting, and crocheting skills for.

My family worked on hats at different times, on a loom for knitting. It is an old wooden loom that I had made by an elderly man in my hometown of Wausau, Wisconsin, probably 45 years ago. It works like a larger form of the spoon and nails … or like the plastic looms that hobby places now sell. I also had one person make hats for the hospital for the newborns. It is a fun way to teach someone to knit in the round on three or four needles, which will prepare them for knitting socks later. It is a simple project and can be finished in a few hours. I usually make a bag full (30-50) before taking them to the hospital. I also helped a friend start a scarf, casting on and such as she just simply had not knit for years and had forgot it all.

Teaching others to knit and hopefully enjoy the craft makes me so pleased. I like to share my passion for knitting, and it is a passion, as I have knitted for 54 years now. Wow, to think of all the projects and yarns I have used!

My friend continues knitting her scarf. Another friend had me help her untangle her yarn and scarf and start again. Hats are piling up with great joy and it is a wonderful way to use ends of balls and skeins of yarn, which an avid knitter has in plenty. My granddaughter is still practicing casting on and is “the master of casting,” but not knitting yet. My daughter-in-love has learned to knit and made a scarf, then a baby hat for a friend, and now some doll clothing. My hope is that they will all enjoy and knit for many years. However, my daughter-in-love says she likes to crochet better. My grandson learned to knit and made some potholders and a dishcloth while I taught him and others in a 4H volunteer program.”


  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Katie, congratulations and what a fantastic project! I love to knit and have never seen a loom such as the one you describe. It sure makes adorable hats! I would love to see you using the loom and watch how it works. Knitting is so much fun and I am glad you are spreading the love and skill to others willing to try it out. Once you make something pretty, you are hooked. Literally!!

  2. Cindi Johnson says:

    I have never mastered knitting myself, though I do crochet ~ with a little too much enthusiasm sometimes.
    Really like it that your grandson knits. I’ve heard there have been very positive and unexpected side effects as a result of teaching boys and young men to knit. Sure makes sense to me ~ knitting does have similarities to the fascinating art of making fish nets. Congratulations on completing a great project!

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