Organic farming?


Spectacular network of farmgirl sisters?


Heritage Jersey Cattle Registry?

You betcha.


DIY dairy farming?

Done deal, darlin’.

All (and much more!) fall within the ambit of MaryJanesFarm.

Operative word here?

ambit (AM-bit), meaning scope, range, circumference.

Bottom line?

I am so grateful that YOU are within my ambit!


  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    This is a new word for me and it is kinda got a catchy sound about it. Just goes to show you that little works can have vast reaches. I AM so glad to be a part of your ambit at MJF!

  2. Dearest MaryJane- we are ALL so fortunate to have your in our ambit ! I look forward to each morning’s new posts on your Journal here. I am planning my cheesemaking from ” Milk Cow Kitchen “. I’ve been perusing your ” Stitching Room ” book for some quick ideas for Christmas presents to make. Your ” Ideabook” is on my bedside table and I never fail to be inspired when I leaf through it . Your ” Outpost ” book is more for my summertime reveries. Yes, you are definitely in my year round ambit and I truly thank you for that pleasure.

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